Friday, October 29, 2010

My little brothers CB750 chopper.

Just drug it home the other week. My friend Chad signed it over to me if I got it out of impound in Philly! Sounds like a deal to me and now my little brother has a project bike. That I am working on..... Anyhow. It has got a super cool ARD mag setup and a girder front end. I am gonna nix the coffin tank for a nice, low peanut. Get it level again so that it sits at the required 4 inches and fix tons of crazy shit that was done to this bike and get it back on the road and somewhat good looking again. Anyhow, here is the freshly drug home pic and here is the after pic with the front end removed. Sitting level, it is gonna be nice and low. The sporty front end i was planning on using isn't going to fit. I was surprised as this is a Honda neck. So, CB triple tree and forks it is. Paired up with a 21 inch wheel, we be in bidnezz! Next week, new front end and off with the fender!!!

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